Mason Drews

Licensed Oregon Realtor

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About Mason Drews

I am a native Oregonian, 30 years and counting. Throughout that time, I've worked various sales jobs in the telecom industry and retail sales but ultimately found them to be too transactional. I wanted to help people long-term and make more of an impact on their lives. I had always been loosely tied to the real estate industry from a very young age, where you may have found other kids in sandboxes; you'd have likely found me on a job site. My family has always been involved in the construction industry, and I'm grateful to have had that experience as I can now impart knowledge gained to my clients.

When I entered real estate, I did so with the idea of changing what it means to be an all-encompassing agent. I do this in several ways coming from a family that offers top-to-bottom construction services, from timely surveyors to trusted plumbers and even comprehensive property development consultation. I also assist home investors with after-repair value (AVR) assessments to ensure their next purchase is netting a solid return on investment.

I also genuinely enjoy assisting first-time home buyers since initial purchases can be a turbulent process in our local market, with impactful aspects changing weekly. With many statistics changing weekly, it's imperative to have someone well studied in our market and willing to give their unfiltered assessment. Most importantly, paraphrase our local market in a manner that clarifies how it does or does not currently affect you. Home buying can be very straightforward, provided you have a connected professional with your best intentions, my fiduciary duty.

Regardless of your real estate needs, I'd be glad to assist you, and I am confident I can exceed your expectations with my wealth of connections throughout the industry. Thank you for taking the time.

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